Real Weddings

March 22, 2024

In the warmth of August 2023, Kellen and Kristen embarked on a tale of love and union, painting the canvas of their dreams against the backdrop of North 4th Corridor's rustic Brick and Mortar venue in Columbus, OH. Their chosen venue, with its seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, set the perfect stage for a celebration that radiated warmth, elegance, and an abundance of sage green allure.

As guests stepped into North 4th Corridor, the venue whispered promises of an extraordinary day. Sage green, the color of tranquility and harmony, enveloped the space. Every nook and cranny boasted a botanical wonderland, an enchanting homage to Kellen and Kristen's shared love for nature.

Under the August night sky, as stars twinkled overhead, Kellen and Kristen embarked on a new chapter surrounded by the love and joy of their nearest and dearest.

The seamless blend of indoor and outdoor elements, the enchanting sage green decor, and the collaborative efforts of Petal and Pop Weddings, Madison House Design, Jessica Love Photography, Midwest DJ, Hey Pretty Beauty, Milos Catering, and Sage Hill Rentals culminated in a wedding that not only mirrored but elevated the couple's unique style and love story.